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Ramazan Ramazanov (Russia)


Ramazan Ramazanov (Russia)


He is the heavy weight champion of S-1 tournament 2006, which is held at royal palace park (Bangkok) sponsored by Songchai Promotion. He started training at Rompo gym when he was still in the middle weight class and gradually accumulated his fighting match experience in Thailand and around Europe.
His major matches in Thailand include the one vs. Chawalit Jockygym. Expectation of his K-1 participation is rising, by which he will follow Magomed’s records.

Magomed Magomedov (Russia) -Fighter history-


Magomed Magomedov(Russia)


Magomed, together with his older brother Arslan Magomedov, has been training in Bangkok since they dropped into Rompo gym in 2003. He also started as a middle weight fighter, and has since come through many fighting matches in Thailand.
Although he was lean and did not look tough enough when he joined in 2003, he became the champion of K-1 (heavy weight) Scandinavian tournament in 2006, after he increased his weight to more than 100 kg by intense weight training. He drew much attention as a new star and now his presence has clearly been marked with the 1st round knee-storm knock-out of Kaoklai Kaennorsing(Thai) in 2007 K-1 Turkish tournament and winning Stefan Leko by a decision in 2007 K-1 Croatian tournament.
His personality can be described as gentle, shy, and a person of few words, in an interesting contrast to that of his older brother Arslan. With his excellent condition even rising, now he is now the biggest hope of all.

FAISARU ROMPOGYM(Sudan) -Fighter history-



We recruited him to be a Muay Thai fighter when he was working as a bodyguard at an African discotheque. He’d already had the background of Kyokushin Karate.
We drilled him thoroughly on Muay Thai kick, nee and elbow, then he entered the ring and has made an unbeatable record; 150 fights during the 4 and a half year after the foundation of the gym.

He is a person with a big heart, but possesses the mighty physical strength and sparkling fighting spirit inside.

ARSLAN MAGOMEDOV(Russia) -Fighter history-


He is a fighter with good sense and outstanding spring in his body. He belongs to Chinuk Gym (Belarus) to which famous K-1 fighter Alexey Ignashov also belongs. However, he places Bangkok as his main training ground and spends most of the time of a year in Bangkok. He has been showing exciting fights in Thailand and also around the world.
With his good looks, he appears in the catalog of famous Muay Thai goods maker Twins.
He had had many K-1 Max fights in Japan such as:
Vs. Magnum Sakai at Nippon Budokan in 2003
Vs. Fuji Chalmsak at Yoyogi Stadium in 2004
Vs. John Wayne Parr at Yoyogi Stadium in 2004 Further bright fighting records are much expected for him.

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